Super Thinking + Spanish Customer Reviews

Super Thinking + Spanish Customer Reviews

Super Thinking + Spanish Class Eustis, Florida

Super Thinking + Spanish Class Eustis, Florida Photo by Hispanic Globe

Here are some Super Thinking + Spanish customer reviews from our course participants in Eustis, Florida:

“I truly enjoy, learn & practice this brand new way of learning for me. The meditation, music, is unique in regards the learning process, is very noticeable the retention & change in my husband.” Carmen Lemke

”Andrew and I have practiced Spanish every single day since our return, sometimes only for 15 – 20 minutes, but we have been diligent and extremely motivated. To your credit, that’s largely because we learned so much more in 3 short days than we ever dreamed possible!” Nora Scherer

“Thanks again, I liked the format of the class and having the ability to speak and create sentences.”
Ron Fortin

”Mark, thanks for the info! and above all, the knowledge that you shared with us (the non-Spanish speakers) in the class!” Tui Taliau

”Hi Mark – again, thank you for the wonderful class. I am going to put words on flash cards to learn.”
Irene Stewart

“I enjoyed the class very much and Spanish is getting organized among the German. I ordered lunch in Spanish the other day.” Jerry “Ricardo” Perkins

Lynne and Larry Klippel, alumni from one of our Super Thinking + Spanish courses, sent this review by email from Ecuador:

“Lynne and Larry Klippel assumed they would easily find a Spanish language teacher to help them perfect the Spanish they learned during the Super Thinking course. They found a great townhouse in Gualeceo, a small town near Cuenca. The only problem: no Spanish teachers and very few English speakers live in Gualeceo. By reviewing the Super Thinking course materials, Lynne and Larry are getting along well and learning more words daily. The local people have been very kind and helpful.”

Customer Review From Karl Kristoff, Gainesville, Florida:

Hola, Senor Frakes,

Super Thinking + Spanish Photos by Karl

Super Thinking + Spanish Sarasota Florida Photos by Karl

As you can see from the attached photos, for me, the Super learning + Spanish course of June 15, 16 and 17th, was anything but another Spanish class. For some time now I had been aware of this unique opportunity. Being a subscriber of International Living for several years has provided all sorts of informative emails, of events going on in this country, as well as far off places around the world.

Yet, finding the time: Okay, it’s really about setting aside three solid days out of your normal comfort zone to do something new and challenging. So after nearly a year of procrastination, I resolved that my mind and body deserved a break from work, stress, and everyday concerns that most of us deal with. Also, it seemed like a unique opportunity to expand my mind in a simple and practical way.

During the easy three hour drive to Sarasota Florida, I allowed myself to relax more, while thinking of it as a mini vacation, with a tinge of anticipation of a new life experience. From the beginning of inquiring about the class, Mark (Frakes) was personally helpful in not only booking the class, but also in providing information on different hotels, amenities, directions, and travel times.

Day One: Lesson booklets and note pads were nicely spaced around a large U-shape of tables, with comfortable chairs on three sides. As our instructor, Mark Frakes, (Markos en Espanol) introduced himself and his lovely assistant Daniela to the group, we all took some casual time to get to know one another, and coming from different parts of the country, what we hoped to get out of the session.

I was impressed with the thoroughness with which Mark explained the class outline: what we could expect each day; and the fascinating history by which this unusual learning technique was discovered and developed by Dr. Lozanov during the 1960’s. As the class progressed with a relaxing background of Baroque music, Mark’s enthusiasm was clearly encouraging us not to worry so much about grammar construction, but rather to enjoy the ease of a new ability to communicate.

During breaks and extended time for lunch, (we were) allowed relaxing moments to stroll around the many interesting shops around St. Armands Key, or walk on a beautiful beach, for which Florida is famous. Only after class, while I was standing barefoot at waters edge, with soft surf soothing my feet, did I realize that volumes of class information were still gently echoing around in my subconscious.

Day Two: Entering the comfortable meeting room with homework in hand, students and teacher alike greeted one another with “Buenos dias. Como esta?” It was fun and challenging to listen to Daniela’s perfect Spanish pronounciation, and then speak it ourselves–with surprising results.

Having taken two semesters of Spanish in high school, and many years later a continuing education class, I seem to recall that our second day was still limited to sounding out vowels, consonants, and a few simple words. Here in Super Thinking + Spanish, we were already putting together our own sentences.

Mind you, they did not have to be grammatically perfect. Basically the goal here is to be understood and communicate. That was cool with me! It certainly took the stress off. Just go with the flow and enjoy it, Mark said, and so we did.

Periodically relaxing with semi-meditative techniques reinforced an awareness of my mind’s focus in a calm way. For me, the high stress level that our Western pace of life often creates inhibits clarity of thinking. During breaks, classmates talked as they usually would, about their personal situations and how we each felt this class would enhance our life experience.

Later that afternoon, as the session was drawing to a close, I had two main objectives in mind:

First: Treat myself to a nice seafood dinner and a glass of wine to celebrate the day. Second: Go back to the motel room, take off my shoes, and lean back in the big lounge chair with feet elevated on the bed. Now, with the Spanish lesson book in hand, let’s see what new expressions I can create in another language.

Day Three: Entering the room with a smile of self-accomplishment, our usual greeting was quick, and then we were all noticeably focused on reviewing and/or putting finishing touches on our homework sentence assignment. Now, if I told you about day three in detail, it would be like revealing the main plot of a good movie you were considering seeing.

You might decide, “no need to go, I already understand the story.” However, can a person really understand without the experience? Isn’t life more about choosing which experience you want to live from moment to moment?

Mucho gusto. Best regards,

Karl Kristoff

Customer Review From Robin Ball, Forsyth, Missouri:

Super Thinking + Spanish Session Sarasota, Florida

Super Thinking + Spanish Session Sarasota, Florida Photo by Hispanic Globe

In preparation for an up-coming trip to Cuenca, Ecuador, my husband and I participated in Mark Frakes Super Thinking + Spanish course in Sarasota, Florida.  It was both a fun and positive learning experience!

Mark is an excellent, thorough, and patient educator. His supportive staff (Daniela, Daniel, and Kathleen) was informative and helpful. Their personal accounts regarding their native soil cultures, traditions, and experiences was an added bonus.

Mark’s weekend course has given us the tools and confidence to communicate in a Spanish-speaking country. We enthusiastically recommend Mark and his seminar!

Ahora, Estoy lista para Ecuador!

Robin Ball

Customer Review From Denis Molloy, St. Louis, Missouri:

Super Thinking + Spanish Denis Molloy

Denis Molloy (end of table) Reviews Spanish Sentences in Super Thinking + Spanish Session

Just ended forty-five years in dentistry last week,and I’m on to a new career.What is my new career? Still formulating, but the eye-opening, mind expanding Super Thinking + Spanish course last weekend in St. Louis (taught by Mark Frakes) surely shows me the opportunity exists to expand my horizons. Mark was a very capable leader and teacher, and his choice of Daniella as a pronunciation coach was well received.

Besides having a lot of nice people to learn our new language; the methods proved to be just as they were advertised to be. We all, and I in particular, relaxed our way to new learning. I feel so very comfortable with the basis of my new language skills that I know I will be spitting out great Spanish sentences by the time I reach Ecuador in October. Last year I spent six weeks in Ecuador and now I plan on conversing with the people.

There are no surprises or hidden sales tricks. The only tricks are beneficial to our learning. Thanks for a wonderful experience. I look forward to other course offerings, and I have absolutely no doubt they also will work beneficially. Thanks to Mark!

Best regards,
Denis Molloy.

Actually I now answer to my course acquired name of Antonio. For that I am also grateful. Love, Antonio.

Customer Review From Lynne and Larry Klippel, St. Peters, Missouri:

Mark & Daniela teaching Super Thinking & SpanishWe’d be struggling trying to learn Spanish from CDs and getting nowhere. When we attended Super Thinking + Spanish with Mark Frakes, we were amazed at how much we learned in a just three days. We learned hundreds of words, how to construct sentences, and most importantly, that is was possible for us to communicate effectively in Spanish. We appreciated the practical focus of the course and Mark’s teaching style. The course was fun and very useful. If you want to learn Spanish, Super Thinking + is the way to go!

Lynne and Larry Klippel, St. Peters, MO


Who says there are no free lunches?

Super Thinking + Spanish Lunch at Dos Gorditos

Super Thinking + Spanish Lunch at Dos Gorditos
Everyone got their lunch “gratis” if they could order in Spanish (without pointing to the menu)
Compliments of Hispanic Globe
Photo by Hispanic Globe



Customer Review From Jim Kornegay, St. Charles, Missouri:


Customer Review From Deborah (Anita), Sarasota, Florida


For more reviews about Super Thinking + Spanish check out our Hispanic Globe Channel on YouTube.


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