Tastes of Argentina

Tastes of Argentina Argentinian Pastry Store Front by Hispanic Globe

Argentinian Pastry Store Front Photo by Hispanic Globe

Tastes of Argentina

It’s always a nice surprise to find Tastes of Argentina, especially “in my backyard.”  That’s what happened to me yesterday morning as I took a stroll in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, I did a bit of walking.  When walking you tend to see a lot more than driving by a place.

Slowing down, I discovered a rich experience just around the corner.

I discovered Argentinian Pastry (and Tango Coffee House) just blocks away.  This is a Sarasota establishment at the intersection of Beneva and Weber.

Argentinian Bakery

Of course, there was the standard fare of empanadas.  The chicken, spinach, and beef empanadas tasted flavorful but yet very light. 

Argentinian Pastry Inside Store by Hispanic Globe

Argentinian Pastry Inside Store Photo by Hispanic Globe

Is anything fried here? I asked.  One of the daughters of the “mom and pop” shop replied with a definite “no.”

But, the light sweet and rich las tortas (cakes) and pies of papaya, guava, pumpkin, and cinnamon apple made the discovery gold.




Old World/New World Flavor and Service

Argentinian Pastry Pumpkin/Cinnamon Apple Pies by Hispanic Globe

Argentinian Pastry Pumpkin/Cinnamon Apple Pies Photo by Hispanic Globe

The list of sweet delights is impressive:  Alfajores, Arrollados, Empanadas, Flan, Miga Sandwiches, Pastafrolas, and tres leches cakes.

Argentinian Pastry offers a full coffee bar with a few tables to sit and enjoy. 

The showcase of various pastries is delight to look at and enjoy the colors and textures.

The prices are moderate given the quality offered. There seems to be a constant stream of locals popping in to pick up their favorite items. 

The staff is friendly too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because the staff is more than willing to explain all their creations.

Argentinian Pastry Counter by Hispanic Globe

Argentinian Pastry Counter by Hispanic Globe

Argentinian Pastry exhibits old world delights with new world creations.

What a great alternative to a corporate Starbucks.

Nothing compares to a traditional family small business who has pride in their work and product.



Please check them out on Facebook at Argentinianbakery.

I am so glad I took that walk yesterday.

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