Why Not a Hispanic or Latino Pope?

Why Not a Hispanic or Latino Pope?

The Vatican

The Vatican

Whether you are a Catholic or not, the Roman Catholic Church has had and continues to have a very strong cultural influence upon many in the Hispanic Globe ever since Emperor Constantine made it the official religion of the Roman Empire. Moreover, since the “Catholic Monarchs,” King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, commissioned Columbus to claim new territory for the Church and for their kingdom, Catholicism has played a pivotal role in Hispanic or Latino Culture and in the world as a whole.

Growing up in a small Midwestern town, I could not escape that influence either. I grew up on a block where the local Catholic Church was just a few blocks from my house … my neighborhood friends were Catholic and attended private Catholic school.

I guess I was the token Protestant. It was always a mystery to me how they could have so many religious holidays. I would be attending public school and they would have the day off! To add insult to injury, my mother would call me in for Wednesday and Sunday night church in the middle of an “important game.”

My fellow ballplayers did not understand. Bummer.

I remember that the only major eschatological debate I had was with Paul my neighbor and local altar boy. The argument went like this. Since God loved everyone, then God would love the Devil too, right? My position stated the possibility, but my friend Paul said it was impossible. We left it at that.

Baseball, football, and basketball season seemed more important and pressing at the time. Like all good citizens of the U.S.A., we agreed to disagree. Debate over.

If you were part of the 117 of the Vatican Conclave in Rome – would you vote for a Hispanic or Latin American Pope? According to the Pew organization, about 40% of the total Catholic world population resides in Latin America. It is by far the largest concentration of Catholics in the world.

If we included the rest of the Hispanic Globe, excluding Europe, it would be even larger. The closest number to that is in the U.S.A. with about 7%, which ties with the Philippines. So the question is, why not have a Hispanic or Latin American Pope (El Papa)? Read more about it here:


It appears by various news releases that the Vatican is particularly interested in getting this election over quickly. Various uncomplimentary stories keep popping up with this and that scandal. Sex mostly. Read about it here:



Clearly, the Vatican has its process and will probably work that in spite of public opinion, albeit, in a relatively quick manner to elect the Pope number 266. Read more here:



There are many news stories out now saying that now is the time for a Latin American Pope. A lot of them point to a significant majority of Catholics who now reside in Latin America. Electing the next Pope from Latin America, appears to be a long shot but maybe that is just what it could take to revitalize the Church worldwide. Who knows? The Vatican knows.



In case you are wondering if the Vatican ever selected a Spanish Pope, apparently the answer is yes:


We here at Hispanic Globe want to hear from you. We thought it appropriate, or not, to take an informal poll. Of course this vote is anonymous and you do not have to be Catholic to vote, although we have divided the vote up with Catholic and non-Catholic voters. We will announce the results, hopefully before the Vatican makes its decision, so get your vote in early if you can.

Here is the question:

Should the Vatican elect a new “El Papa” from a Latin or Hispanic country instead of Europe? You can vote right here by clicking on the link below:

To read more about how the Vatican elects the new Pope read here:







If you want to know, more about how the world is thinking about the Papal election read more here:













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