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Be a Cultural Ambassador to Spain

One of the important missions at Hispanic Globe ( is to promote Hispanic language and culture around the world, so this opportunity may be the ticket for you. According to many language experts, language immersion, or living in an environment that places you in a survival mode for learning a foreign language, is a way to accelerate your learning curve.Currently, the government of Spain offers a cultural ambassador program called the “North American Language and Culture Assistants Program” and allows you, the “cultural assistant,” to immerse yourself daily in Spanish life and culture. The program provides an academic continuing education grant through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

Thanks to this program, a large number of American and Canadian participants have the opportunity to serve as language assistants in the Spanish public school system every year, becoming teacher aides and English or French language models, as well as ambassadors to their countries in the schools where they are assigned. The program, though fairly young, has been gaining popularity quickly with more and more demand for such a valuable experience and an opportunity to add to your resume or general work experience.

In addition, this “Cultural Assistants Program” for the 2013-14 academic year provides the “ambassador” a monthly stipend of about 700 Euros per month including paid holidays.

The program is currently accepting applications from persons who are recent graduates or juniors/seniors in college now. The applicants must hold a U.S.A. or Canadian passport and be a native or bilingual speaker of English or French. Applicants are also required to be in good physical/psychological health, submit to a background check, and “should” have some knowledge of the Spanish language.  Yes, there is some bureaucracy involved, but what government program doesn’t have one?   For more details, please click on the link below:

It’s a relatively new program from the Spanish government, but it appears to be an opportunity to live and work in Spain without spending a lot of money. It’s something to consider.

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