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AnaAlcaide[1]Ana Alcaide of Toledo

All I can say is “bravo!” I love music and I love this work. I refer you to the front page of Hispanic Globe (, where Hispanic culture is mix of the “perfect” combination of western and near eastern (Middle Eastern) influence. This is found in Ana Alcaide of Toledo’s musical works, including her latest CD, “La Cantiga del Fuego.” ¡Dios mío!

Ana uses an instrument native to Sweden. Yes, that’s right, Sweden. It’s called the nyckelharpa. She discovered the instrument while studying biology for a year in Lund, Sweden on an Erasmus Scholarship. Two years later she had the funds to buy the instrument, and began the process of self-instruction while living in Toledo. She started playing the nyckelharpa in the streets of Toledo on the weekends, and then at restaurants and cafes.

Ana has a background in music. Her parents noticed her talent early and at age six signed her for some violin lessons. She studied violin in Madrid, her birthplace, and considers the Nyckelharpa, violin, and her voice has her main instruments. She plays other instruments as well.

Here is Ana in her latest video, promoting “La Cantiga del Fuego”

To learn more about Ana Alcaide, please visit her website:

To hear a sampling of her music, click here:

We love her music so much here at Hispanic Globe, we are giving away a free CD of her latest work, “La Cantiga del Fuego.” We think you’ll love it too so here’s how you can get one:

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