Spanish, A Language Lost Can Be Found Again

Spanish, A Language Lost Can Be Found Again

I took a break the other day for lunch and decided I wanted to experience the beautiful Sarasota Bay while nibbling on something, so I visited a local restaurant that has a terrific view of the bay. I won’t mention the restaurant here, but suffice it to say that the food is passable, but it’s the view that brings in the folks.

Since I’m by myself, I sit at the bar and “Tara” waits on me. She has a great smile and offers very good service and I order and wait. She brings me a soda water and sees that I don’t look like all the other tourists with my long sleeve white shirt, etc. So she asks me what brings me to Sarasota.

I tell her we’re doing a Super Thinking + Spanish Seminar here at the Holiday Inn Lido Beach and we’re having a good time at it. I tell her that our attendees come for three days and learn to speak “suitcase” Spanish.

Intrigued, she asks how that is possible in three days. Well, I explain, the technology (Georgi Lozanov), and the learning environment we promote. At that point, she says she promised her mother who is Cubana (Cuban) that she would learn Spanish. Of course I invite her to check us out.

I am always amazed in this country (U.S.A.) that many children of Hispanic immigrants do not continue keep Spanish as their native or second language. I understand the importance of assimilation.

When you come and live in a country not native to your culture it’s important to learn the local language for many practical reasons. And of course, it’s easy sometimes for second or third generations from immigrant parents to not keep their native tongues.

Fortunately today, that trend is changing. Let’s face it, Hispanic is cool, and speaking Spanish is a great advantage (arguably the third most spoken language in the world, after English and Chinese, by population). You can’t escape the facts. So join in.

For those of you out there who want to revisit their roots, come and check us out, and for those who just want to learn a second language, Spanish is your ticket to ride.

Hispanic Globe at has a three day course that will get you speaking Spanish right away without the stress or anxiety normally related to traditional “foreign” language courses. You’re guided by native Spanish speakers.

We maintain a “relaxed concentration” mode throughout the whole seminar, and in this seminar you’re encouraged to make mistakes, correct quickly and move on. We encourage “cheating” by giving you lots of resources to create your learning experience and cooperate with your fellow students.

When you create something for yourself you learn it quicker and retain it longer than the traditional Prussian classroom model we still have in our schools and universities. But I see even that change coming on the horizon for our educational institutions. Old habits die hard. It’s very encouraging and exciting to see.
If your situation is like “Tara’s” or you just thought about learning a second language, come check us out.

Upcoming seminar in St. Charles (St. Louis) MO, August 17, 18, 19, 2012. Click here for details: Super Thinking + Spanish, St. Charles, MO

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