Sofrito Mama’s, Sarasota, FL

Sofrito Mama’s, Sarasota, FL

Sofrito Mama's, Sarasota, FL

Sofrito Mama’s, Sarasota, FL

Anyone that knows me, knows I love food.  Any Latino food is a favorite of mine, and when I find it in my backyard, it’s a very pleasant surprise. Sofrito Mama’s is one of those absolutely exciting surprises.  I just walked by it yesterday on my way to pick up some mail and in the corner of my eye, I notice this small establishment which I had not seen before.   It seemed like a new place.  I was in a hurry, but it must have been the sound of the salsa music blaring from the speakers that drew me into Sofrito Mama’s.  My intuition took over – I see fresh fried pies and fresh “ensaladas frescas” displayed rather nicely and then I thought I’d better look at the menu.

I had to do one more errand, so I told the owners I would be back. Back I came and glad that I did.  I found a great menu, with lots of choices and very reasonable prices.  Of course, I went straight for the roasted pork (pernil).  I find that if an establishment excels on their pork, then the rest has to be very good. I bought a platter, because you cannot pass up the red beans and rice and on top of that I chose a tomato and avocado salad.  A copious amount of real, quality food for only $10. I was in heaven.

Alicia & Jason Bolden, Owners, Sofrito Mama's

Alicia & Jason Bolden, Owners, Sofrito Mama’s

I met the owners, Jason and Alicia Bolden, both “puertorriqueños.”  They were both there, tending the store and serving up some very delicious food. Jason and Alicia had moved from New Jersey about seven months ago, to find a nice home in Sarasota where they could operate their small eatery.  We’re glad they came to Sarasota.

In addition to the fine food, there was a steady stream of locals that came by and visited – sort of like old friends visiting.  It’s obvious the owners treat their customers as friends, and the friends reciprocate by telling them they’re going to bring their friends.  On top of that, there are some nice handmade items sitting on the shelves.  Be sure to ask about them.

Here’s a great interview with Alicia & Jason that includes the original soundtrack from their website (

There’s a lot on the menu I didn’t try, but I’m going back for the “tostones” (fried plantains) and “gaspacho” (codfish salad-Friday only) among other delights.

Sofrito Mama’s is located at the Sarasota Commons Plaza at 935 N. Beneva Rd #613.  Give Jason and Alicia a call and order something (941-544-8786) for pick up or just dine at their outside patio. You can find them on the net at

It’s a little bit of Puerto Rico right here in Sarasota.  ¡Qué bien!


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