Giant tortoise in the road in Ecuador

Giant tortoise in the road in Ecuador

Roadblocks? “Carmen” doesn’t care, she finds a way around it!

Sometimes, life gives you a roadblock. Some of us seemed to get more than others. I can’t explain that. It just happens, just like life.

I met “Carmen” in the mountains of North Carolina at a writing seminar. “Carmen” came across as no nonsense kind of person. I like that. No hidden agenda. What you see is what you get. “Carmen’s” story is an interesting one.

She was born in Ecuador and spent her early childhood years there. Growing up she was discouraged from any ambitious pursuits. But it seems at a very early age, she was determined to leave her native land, not because she did not love it, but saw more opportunity in the U.S.A.

Why? Well, the poverty in her small part in Ecuador was not attractive for one thing. Two, she wanted a good education. Three the list could go on, but “Carmen” had plans for her life.

At one point, she said she went to the local airport and said to herself, “one day I will be on that plane,” and indeed one day she made it and found herself in New York City. Kind of intimidating if you think about it, not even counting the language barrier, since she spoke no English, but “Carmen” was determined to make a good life.

Lately, I seem to experience that human spirit almost every day. On a recent flight from Atlanta to St. Louis, I sat next to another person with a like mind like “Carmen’s.” You see it in their eyes, in their body language and tone of voice. It’s a wonderful thing. You just know they’re going to make it in spite of any roadblocks.

Language is not only an important thing to learn for communication, but it says so much about the culture. It helps you overcome those roadblocks in life. That’s why among other things, we at Hispanic Globe offer the Super Thinking + Spanish Seminar where you can get a jump start on a new language – in just three days over a weekend. Hispanic language and culture are just one of the new currencies of the current global growth picture. Please don’t miss this important opportunity. HERE.

When you start to learn a new language, you get to know other people with different views on things. It opens the world up to you. It helps you achieve things that you may have thought were unachievable. It stretches and challenges your mind and puts you on new and unexplored path. You want more from life.

“Carmen” indeed wanted that. She made it to the U.S., obtained an education and now is successfully working and living her dream. Roadblocks? Well, for “Carmen” that’s just an opportunity. What are your roadblocks? Do you see a way around them, under them, or over them? Take the first step and you’ll see just like “Carmen.”

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