Latino 54

Latino 54

¡Increíble! I got a pleasant surprise on Wednesday afternoon while driving slower than I usually do because the rain was coming down in “sheets,” “dogs and cats,” or as my friend Daniel from Guatemala would say “Esta lloviendo a cantaros.”

So I was scanning the FM radio for what else, Latino music, and came across by accident “Latino 54” on 88.5 FM in Tampa, Florida (Latino 54). It was about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. A time I generally don’t listen to radio, since I play my own CDs or satellite.

To my surprise, I heard Franco Silva, the host of “Latino 54,” on the air spinning some of his favorite tunes. Rather eclectic, which I love and he keeps it interesting and you may learn something. What a deal, huh?

They were having a fundraiser for the program, so I immediately called in and pledged a modest amount and kept listening. They were kind enough to mention my name, but most importantly mentioned

I listened for the small remainder of its program time – great Latino tunes from all over the planet. What I really liked was Franco’s bits and pieces of explanation about the tunes themselves, why he likes them, and why he thinks people should hear them.

But the thing that really caught my attention was the way he is promoting Latino culture. Not a “in your face, get out of my way version,” but a version that is inclusive of all cultures. The ancient saying “you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar” fits well here.

I know Latin 54 is going to be a great success. I believe they have it already and with your help out there, they can expand it.

So tune in, contribute what you can. It doesn’t matter the amount, just contribute something. And if you don’t have coin in your pocket, at least call in and give them your moral support.

That’s what we are about here at Hispanic Globe. We want everyone on the planet see the benefits of experiencing Latino culture and language in the many forms that exist. It’s really exciting. Join in the fun, will you?


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