Dos Gorditos: Mexican Cuisine Oaxacan Style

Super Thinking + Spanish Class Practicing Spanish at Dos Gorditos

Super Thinking + Spanish Class Practicing Spanish at Dos Gorditos

At Dos Gorditos you can enjoy some Mexican Cuisine Oaxacan style.  Sometimes you are surprised by a local eating establishment and this was a pleasant one.

I discovered it by way of a recommendation from my sister who lives in the area. Yes, I know, many times when you get recommendations, even from your sister, especially when it comes to Mexican Food, you are a bit skeptical. Well, at least I am.

I have tasted Mexican food all over the planet, including Mexico itself. Of course, food differs according to the many regions of Mexico, with chilies probably being the thread through most of it, but not all.

But just like the United States, “Mexican” food is popular all over the planet. For example, it apparently is very popular in Bolivia, even in a country that eats spicy food, according to my Bolivian source, although there are very few Mexican restaurants there.

Dos Gorditos turned out to be a very nice find. The restaurant is owned by Samuel and Patricia Gonzales, and Patricia’s brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Shirley Pilla.

Samuel is originally from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. He has brought a number of his recipes to this establishment that sits in a small strip mall very near Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC).

I had previously visited Dos Gorditos with my sister.  So when I visited the nearby college campus (SWIC) to talk to folks about the Super Thinking + Spanish course, I decided to wander over to Dos Gorditos, because the tamales I had eaten on my previous visit were delicious.

True or not, I have found that if the tamales are good, then that establishment has a menu that you may want to check out further. So this is what I did, and was richly rewarded for it.

I entered the front door, and being by myself I made a bee line to the bar and quickly ordered two tamales a la cart. From the corner of my eye, I saw a woman at the bar and thought perhaps she was the manager or owner. I introduced myself and explained why I was there (tamales) and asked her if she was the manager.

That person was Patricia, one of the owners. She quickly sized up the situation and said I should try the chile rellenos. She said it was one of her husband’s (Samuel) recipes from Oaxaca.

Patricia arranged to send them to me gratis, and of course I didn’t object. If the tamales were good, the chile rellenos would be as good or better.

I was not disappointed. They were very fresh and very good.

I thanked her and had to move on to the next appointment, so she gave me her card and invited me back. Any excuse, and I will take that invitation.

Indeed, soon after that I brought one of our Super Thinking Spanish classes to Dos Gorditos.  The game was if you speak Spanish at the table and order your food, I pay.  Well, that was motivation enough-everyone passed and I had to pay the bill.  Believe me, it was worth it.

Thanks, Patricia.

Dos Gorditos

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