Argentine Tango

Argentina TangoArgentine Tango is always sensual and exciting, but particularly so since an Argentine couple won the World Tango Competition.  Thus there is always something to celebrate in our Hispanic Globe.

I took Argentine Tango lessons several years ago, but unfortunately they haven’t taken yet.  This just might get me back into a class again.

Yesterday, an Argentine couple, Facundo de la Cruz Gomez Palavecino and Paola Sanz won the Salon Tango final which is the annual world tango competition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The event took place in Luna Park stadium during the two week cultural festival which celebrated its tenth year of existence.  Apparently, 491 couples from 32 countries took part in the competition.

You can find them dancing the Argentine Tango on Unfortunately, we cannot find a video of them from the competition yet, but here are a few videos of them dancing together in the past.  Please click on the links below and take a look at the beautiful form and conflict of tango:

Please click on the link below for pictures from the actual competition:



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